For Developers/Builders:
Delivers your product to the marketplace in a compressed period
         of time.
Reduces marketing and carrying costs.
Yields purchase agreements on a certain date.
Provides for critical loan or capital account pay-downs.
Effective project close-out tool.
Establishes real-time valuation fundamentals for project refinance
         or sale.
Generates significant momentum for continuing sales post-auction
         due to the number of qualified prospects introduced to
         the property.

For Banks/Financial Institutions:
Reduces risk of having to reclassify currently performing loans.
Provides immediate reduction in loan balance/property basis.
Provides real-time market data for asset valuation or disposition
Reduces possible capital requirements for loss reserves or
While most of our event auctions utilize a minimum bid reserve
         strategy, we also have experience employing other auction
         methods - including sealed bids or absolute auctions. We
         recognize that your needs may require one or multiple
         combinations of these strategies to best address your
         specific sales objectives.

Our goal is to:
Work with each client to develop a customized auction marketing
Provide best-in-class execution of the engagement from inception
         through close-out.

Click here to see a sample of the full event auction program, including pre and post auction support and follow-up. To speak to someone about a specific project or property, or to get insight on what an auction program might look like for you, please contact us directly.