The "Event Auction" real estate marketing program takes the planning, promotion and strategies of an extended conventional marketing campaign and condenses it into a four week time period culminating in an auction. The event auction is proven to accelerate real estate sales.

Other great reasons for why an auction works better than conventional real estate marketing methods:
Today's sellers need to grab the attention of buyers.
Buyers are paralyzed by the fear that what they pay today for a
         property may be higher than what it is worth in the
         near future.
Seller's typically respond to these concerns by offering a variety of
         incentives such as price reductions, mortgage buy-downs,
         free upgrades, etc. However, such incentives do not seem
         to be enough to motivate today's wary consumer.
For buyers, the competitive bidding process at an auction gives
         them confidence that they paid a true "market value" price.
         The event auction provides the psychological and emotional
         stimulant to get the buyer off the sidelines and back into the
         game - resulting in faster conversions and closings for the