A 53 unit new condominium building purchased at foreclosure
         by the Davis Companies, a preeminent Boston developer
With an optimum location, this October 2010 auction, resulted in
         the total close-out of the project
Twelve units had been sold and the auction and post auction
         sales totaled 38
Over $17,000,000 in sales
The average auction price was $460,000 including the $55,000
         parking space
Over $470/per foot; $50/per foot over projections
The Collaborative Companies was engaged to market and
         strategically reposition property during the summer of 2010
The 38 unit sales absorption during the auction period dwarfed
         the 12 pre-sales captured during 2008
No sales had been made in the building since opening its doors
         in the fall of 2008
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