The following is a listing of the services Velocity Marketing provides to developers, banks and financial institutions for their managed assets. These services are offered as a total package or can be selected on an a la carte basis depending upon your particular needs and requirements.

Property Evaluation
In undertaking an assignment we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the property in order to understand the asset and its positioning within the competitive market. Our capabilities include:

Competitive Property Survey & Project Positioning
Competitive Property Survey
Location and Design Attributes
Physical and Service Amenities
Demographic Analysis
Marketing & Traffic Assessment
Pricing, Sales and Absorption
Financial Analysis

Project Budgeting
Costs to Complete
Financial Modeling
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis related to differing market strategies,
         sales pricing and absorption

Recommendations and Strategies
Upon completion of the evaluation we will outline marketing and/or positioning strategies which will address how best to maximize the value of the property, loan or portfolio. The objectives of our recommendations are straightforward and lead to the creation of a strategic marketing plan which answers the following:
What is the best marketing strategy for the project?
Where should resources be dedicated?
How should resources be allocated?
What is the timing/schedule for the marketing plan?